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Robb Talbott

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Robert (Robb) Sharpe Talbott was born in Connecticut on January 28, 1948, to Robert and Audrey Talbott. The family moved to the small seaside town of Carmel in 1950 and started the Robert Talbott Tie Company. At a young age, Robb began helping with the family business and worked throughout his youth in many capacities at the tie studio. He also traveled with his family on buying trips to Europe where, while visiting the vineyards in the Burgundy region of Southern France, the Talbott family developed their interest in wine.

Robb attended school in the Carmel Valley area, and then went on to Colorado College, where he majored in Fine Art. While in Colorado, Robb began racing motorcycles and started a business buying, restoring, and selling antique cars and trucks. He also taught for two years in a Montessori preschool.Vimeo

Robb returned to Carmel Valley in 1972 and resumed work with the family tie business. A nature lover and a believer in hard physical work, Robb built his own cabin on a remote piece of land high above the Carmel Valley floor. There, Robb asserted his individualism as an artist, woodsman, builder, beekeeper, rancher, mechanic and businessman. He heated the cabin with a wood stove and erected a windmill to provide electricity. This remarkable property would one day become the acclaimed Diamond T Vineyard, named after an antique "Diamond T" commercial truck Robb had restored.

In 1981, Robb married and soon began a family that would grow to include the Talbott's three children: Sarah Case, Robert Logan and Kalin Hart. In 1982, Robb launched Talbott Vineyards with his father Robert Talbott Senior. Robb planted the first grapes on Diamond T Vineyard and began designing the winery the family would soon build in the Carmel Valley. He incorporated the same values into the winery that made the Robert Talbott Tie Company a success: an absolutely strict commitment to the highest quality standards in production; fostering and rewarding dedication and hard work from employees; recognizing the importance of each individual person in the organization, and involvement of the Talbott family in all phases of the business.

In addition to his responsibilities as the hands-on proprietor of Talbott Vineyards, Robb is also the chairman of the board of the Robert Talbott Tie Company. In what little remaining free time he has, Robb continues to enjoy outdoor activities, rebuilding vehicles and machinery, and motorcycle riding.