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In 1982, Robert Talbott hand planted Diamond T Vineyard in Carmel Valley. First planted with the Corton-Charlemagne Chardonnay clone, this 14-acre, tightly spaced vineyard grows on a 1,200-foot mountaintop. This vineyard is virtually soil free and contains chalky shale that allows for excellent root penetration with reduced yields. Due to the challenging growing conditions here, Diamond T Vineyard is a testimony to our founder’s determination to make the finest possible wines.

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Crop yields are extremely low at Diamond T, with typical yields of less than one ton per acre. These lower yields help create richer, more concentrated flavors in the wines. Located eight miles from the Pacific Ocean, Diamond T has a southern exposure that benefits from cool ocean fog, both in the morning and the evening. This moderating marine influence leads to a longer growing season and more time on the vines for our grapes, allowing the grapes to develop full varietal character.

Wines from Diamond T Vineyard have intense fruit flavors, minerality, and are beautifully concentrated. With the soaring mountaintop location, soil composition and low yields, producing grapes at Diamond T Vineyard is difficult, but the results when this vineyard is tended to with attention and care are nothing short of spectacular.