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David Coventry is a native of Monterey, California, so he knows firsthand just how special it is here – from the vineyards and the landscape to the arts and the lifestyle. Although he took a circuitous path with stints in chemistry and band management, David eventually returned home to Monterey, where he is the head winemaker for Talbott Vineyards.


Talbott Vineyards wines translate our acclaimed vineyards into every bottle we make. We farm to the vine and make wine to the barrel; these are the smallest-possible increments we can distinguish, and this is how we approach getting the very best from our vineyard into the bottle for you to enjoy.


Talbott Vineyards winemakers are keepers of a great history. We believe it is our responsibility to not only respect the past, but also to innovate in the present, ushering the legacy of Talbott Vineyards into the future.

Talbott Winemaker
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