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Keepers of the Land Called
Sleepy Hollow Vineyard

Since its inception, Talbott has been a passionate steward of the land that is our legacy, the renowned Sleepy Hollow Vineyard, our iconic estate gracing the gentle slopes of the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA. First planted in 1972 as one of the original vineyards in the AVA, Sleepy Hollow Vineyard’s celebrated fruit showcases a true sense of place for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

At Talbott, we consider ourselves caretakers of a legacy of excellence that ensures Sleepy Hollow Vineyard flourishes for generations to come. We are committed to its long-term health, from soil to vine, and to the flora and fauna that also live there. Talbott Winery and its estate Sleepy Hollow Vineyard are proudly CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, a third-party, globally recognized program dedicated to producing quality grapes and wine sustainably.

Take A Walk In The Vineyard With Us

Passing through scenic Sleepy Hollow in late winter and early spring, you’ll notice the vines are dormant, but plant life is abundant. Cover crops are sown among the rows to attract beneficial insects, increase biodiversity, and furnish supplemental nutrients. When the grapevines awake from dormancy and it’s time to mow, you might see a herd of our neighbors’ cows grazing. They provide extra hands (hooves) for natural mowing and reduce the number of passes needed from mechanized vehicles, which helps reduce soil compaction.

You’ll also notice micro-drip irrigation, precisely delivering the correct amount of water during the growing season. The water used in the winery to wash tanks or hose down floors, called process water, is captured and reused to irrigate the vineyard, resulting in an industry-leading, water-use-to-wine-produced ratio of 2:1. Conservation is vital to us both in the vineyard and at the winery where 70% of our energy is solar powered.

If you look up, graceful hawks are circling and diving as they naturally reduce the rodent population and, as the fruit reaches maturity, help us keep the grape-loving starlings at bay. We can’t always rely on enough passing hawks when we need them most, but their natural deterrence inspires us. We have invested in solar-powered, automated lasers whose harmless green beams mimic the flight pattern of hawks, keeping the hungry starlings on the move. The lasers are an environmentally friendly method that helps us avoid using plastic netting to protect the grapes, creating less waste and less danger to wildlife.

But you may miss something just as powerful if you aren’t looking down. A phenomenon is happening both on the surface and deep within the soil. Our composting measures involve reincorporating winery and vineyard materials that are folded back into the soil to rejuvenate and nourish this precious resource that feeds our vines.

Visit Us in the Heart of

Explore our Costal Luxury winery nested in the charming village of Carmel-by-the-Sea, where you may enjoy our small-lot Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays from Monterey County. Savor our small-lot Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, exclusively available in our Tasting Lounge, and indulge in the ultimate wine-tasting experience.

Caretakers of a Legacy

For over 40 years, Talbott has been a champion of the Santa Lucia Highlands and a steward of the longevity and health of Sleepy Hollow Vineyard. Our vineyard and winemaking teams are keepers of a great history and are responsive to the evolving environment. They are attentive; they observe; they listen. Acting with intelligence and passion, they are guardians of the longevity of the precious resource called Sleepy Hollow.

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