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Our Elegant Chardonnay

The grapes are pressed in small lots to preserve the character of each unique vineyard area. Across Sleepy Hollow, there are many distinct areas of soil, clonal difference and vine age.

Co-fermentation of different Chardonnay clones adds depth of fruit intensity and character. This is a rare technique that yields great results when done with grapes of optimal ripeness and flavor. When done with forethought and planning, the results are spectacular.

A unique barrel selection for each of our Chardonnays is chosen to further bring out the difference in every vineyard area. The choice of barrels binds them together into a seamless combination of flavors and textures.

Once pressed, our Chardonnay begins the fermentation and aging processes. This may occur in either stainless steel tanks that help enhance the fruit flavors, oak barrels that help build texture and richer aromatics, or both. Our winemaking team chooses among those techniques depending on the vintage and the style of each of our Chardonnays.

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