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Wine Club Signup Terms and Conditions


Talbott Vineyards club benefits and discounts are contingent upon you remaining a member in good standing. Exact benefits are dependent on the level of membership chosen. By enrolling, you agree to pay for and receive the specified bottles of wine at the frequency designated in the membership level you have chosen. More information about the different levels of membership can be found here:


Your membership is ongoing and will continue until you cancel. You may cancel your membership at any time, up to 30 days before an upcoming club shipment, but please note that benefits such as discounts, tastings, and tours terminate on the date of cancellation. Depending on your level of membership, cancellation prior to receiving your first 3 shipments may also result in a cancellation charge of $150.00. To cancel, please login to your account at, send us an email at, or call us directly at 1-833-592-0946.

To cancel, please use one of the following options:

  • Log in to your account at
  • Send us an email at
  • Call us at 1-833-592-0946


By giving Talbott Vineyards your email address, you are authorizing us to send you information related to your wine club membership via email in accordance with our privacy policy, which is available at: You will be notified of upcoming shipments via email notifications sent to the email address on file. It is up to the member to confirm that the billing address and email addresses on file are correct. Please make sure your email attached to your account is current to be able to receive all notifications of charging, shipment and tracking. You can update this by logging into your account dashboard or by calling us directly. Unsubscribing to any of our emails will prevent all future emails until we are notified that you wish to re-subscribe.


By signing up for a membership, you certify that you are 21 years of age or older and that you authorize Talbott Vineyards to charge your credit card for all shipping charges and other fees associated with your membership. It is your responsibility to provide us with information regarding a change in your credit card number, billing address, shipping address, email address, or phone number. Talbott Vineyards may, based on verified information provided by a third-party service provider, update consumer’s credit card information, including expiration date. Shipment costs and membership benefits are subject to change without notice. Neither Talbott Vineyards nor our third-party shipping agency shall be held responsible for lost or misdirected packages, nor shall the Winery be responsible for damages caused by temperature fluctuations during or after shipment. We may hold or delay shipment due to weather conditions. A fee may be incurred for address corrections while a package is in transit and a charge assessed for reshipping of returned packages. All selections held for pickup must be picked up by the date specified, or it will be shipped to the address on file and you will be responsible for the shipping fee. You will have up to 45 days to pick up your wine. If you do not pick up your wine within 60 days, we will ship your wine to the last known address and charge your credit card for the shipping. If the shipment is returned to us or if no acceptable alternative arrangements is made, we will donate the wine to charity. When your wine is delivered, the person accepting delivery will be required to show identification proving that he or she is at least 21 years of age. We suggest having shipments delivered to a business address. Shipping rights and privileges are subject to current wine shipping laws in each state. Flat rate shipping applies to the contiguous United States.


Talbott Vineyards reserves the right to amend the membership benefits and the wine release schedule at any time and reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time with or without cause.


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