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The Perfect Pinot Noir

Open top fermenters are used to increase the oxygen flow during fermentation and help develop richer, deeper flavors.

Punch downs (as opposed to pump overs), the gentlest method possible for breaking up the cap of skins and solids that form over fermenting red wine, are used at Talbott Vineyards. Punching down helps give wine fuller texture and flavors while also producing elegant tannic structure.

We inoculate with selected yeasts to begin fermentation, and those yeasts raise the temperature early during this process until it reaches at least 90˚F. We then hold it at that relatively warm level to bring out the vibrant color of Pinot Noir and extract every bit of flavor and goodness that comes from our vineyards.

Once fermented, our Pinot Noir is drained directly from the fermentation vessel to a settling tank for 24-48 hours. This gentle means of clarifying and moving the wine helps preserve a rich, subtle texture. At this point we begin the oak aging, which varies depending on each wine and vintage.

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