Sleepy Hollow Vineyard

Three Distinct Parcels and a Clonal Mix

Three distinct parcels, all trellised to vertical shoot positioning, tell a story of diversity across the singular estate. Each parcel contributes unique characteristics to the wines, collectively portraying the legacy of excellence that defines Sleepy Hollow. Planted to a mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir clones, subtle differences, whether in aromatic profile, vineyard resilience, or cluster size, allow diverse expressions within the variety and provide a range of choices for crafting a richly layered, single varietal wine.

With a comprehensive clonal mix and parcel distinctions, Kamee reveals Sleepy Hollow’s terroir through a range of wines. Some spotlight the beauty of a single parcel, while others, like our Sleepy Hollow Estate wine, are skillful blends of the finest clones and parcels that represent the peak expression of our iconic vineyard in a single year.

The South Parcel – Heartwood
Where Elevation Meets Elegance

The south parcel, named Heartwood, carries unique significance—it was the initial plot that captivated Robb Talbott in the early 1970s. Positioned at 400 feet and crowned by a majestic oak, the vines thrive in well-drained sandy loam soils, yielding concentrated berries with a vibrant fruit profile. Heartwood is generally the first to be harvested to preserve the vibrant acidity and highlight the elegant fruit character of the location.

Chardonnay, grown on the lower benches, flourishes. Dijon clones such as 95 and 76 lead a broad clonal mix that lends acidity, tropical and stone fruit notes, density and texture to the wines. The cold-loving Mt. Eden and the floral-tropical 809 clones thrive in the cool south parcel.

Pinot Noir is reserved for elevated blocks and is planted to both Pommard and Dijon clones, such as 113 for red cherry and perfume, and newer clones like 943 offering exotic, deeper bramble berry notes and more robust tannins.

Wines from Heartwood feature a captivating interplay of racy acidity complemented by floral aromatics with a beautiful mineral expression and alluring grace. For Chardonnay, Kamee leans toward unoaked styles fermented in concrete and stainless that showcase the parcel’s bright vibrancy, floral notes and crisp fruit. Pinot Noirs are red-fruited, elegant, delicate and stylish.


The North Parcel – North Crest
Sanctuary of Luxury

Encircling our winery, the North Crest parcel features lower elevation slopes with a southern aspect, setting the stage for exquisite Chardonnays. The coolest parcel is home to our oldest plantings, where vines bravely catch the strongest winds, a testament to their resilience. The last to be harvested, grapes linger longer on the vine here and showcase a compelling depth of character.

For Chardonnay, flavor-rich Dijon clones 76 and 95 are also planted in this northern zone alongside the hearty heritage clone 4. Small blocks of Pinot Noir add dimension to this exceptional parcel. Featuring the classic blend of 667, 115, and 113. The clones in North Crest express a darker fruit profile than those grown in other vineyard parcels.

North Crest is synonymous with wines that embodyun paralleled depth, intricate flavors and a robust nature. It is the cradle of many of our most esteemed wines, notably the jewel of our portfolio, Fidelity.

West Parcel – Hounds Hollow
A Harmony of Diversity

Nestled against the Santa Lucia Range, our Hounds Hollow is named for a carved-out block that captures and filters hillside runoff from deep, canyon-like ridges to the west. The parcel boasts a consistently level terrain with streaks of clay and gravel eroded for eons from the Santa Lucia range above. The higher concentrations of silt and clay distinguish it from the sandy loams found in other areas closer to the Salinas River.

This balanced parcel yields refined wines with distinctive expressions of minerality and salinity. It proves an ideal environment for growing exceptional Pinot Noir due to its bench of rich organic matter and water-holding capacity. As the slope approaches the river, we’ve introduced Chardonnay to take advantage of the slightly sandier and flatter terrain here.

For Pinot Noir, Hounds Hollow boasts a mix of clones. Robb Talbott strategically planted early ripening clones such as the light, exquisite 113, more tannic black-cherried 114 and the all-around classic 115, alongside deeper, richer 667 and 777. Wines showcase elevated spice and profound fruit character, offering a nuanced interplay with oak accents for moody and sultry wines.

Wente clones are featured for Chardonnay, highlighting minerality and acidity that elegantly balance rich fruit character. Clonal diversity in this parcel invites flexibility in vessel options and malo-lactic expressions, resulting in a range of Chardonnay styles that authentically showcase the site’s distinct character.

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