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Sustainability and Stewardship

Since its inception, Talbott has been unwavering in its commitment as stewards of this land that bears such pristine and celebrated fruit. Today, Talbott Winery and its estate Sleepy Hollow Vineyard are proudly CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, a third-party, globally recognized program dedicated to sustainably producing quality grapes and wine.

To earn and maintain this certification, Talbott must perform an annual assessment and measure the performance of 140 vineyard criteria and 104 winery best practices. Some of our sustainable practices include:

Offsetting 70% of power usage with solar panels
Reusing 100% of processing water to irrigate the vineyards, resulting in an industry-leading, water-use-to-wine-produced ratio of 2:1
Minimizing water use with micro-drip irrigation in Sleepy Hollow Vineyard
Planting cover crops to attract beneficial insects and increasing the biodiversity of the vineyards while supplying the soil with supplemental nutrients.

Talbot Vineyards Winemaker Kamee Knutson

“We only get one world to live in. It’s important that we give back as much as we take from the vineyards. We have started refining our cover crop program, as well as modifying the amendments we are adding to the soil, such as compost.”

-Winemaker Kamee Knutson

Talbott’s Commitment

Talbott Vineyards has been a pioneer in sustainable viticulture, blending traditional grape-growing practices with innovative environmental stewardship. Economically, Talbott Vineyards promotes sustainability by recycling production by-products and adhering to rigorous standards like the ISO 14001 certification, showcasing a holistic approach to sustainability that encompasses environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic viability.

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