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Talbot Vineyards Winemaker Kamee Knutson





“We only get one world to live in. It’s important that we give back as much as we take from the vineyards. We have started refining our cover crop program, as well as modifying the amendments we are adding to the soil, such as compost.”

-Winemaker Kamee Knutson


For 40 years, the morning sun, rocky cliffs, and sea salt-kissed fog have played an integral part of growing grapes at Talbott Vineyards. In the morning, the grapes bathe in the sun at a higher elevation, then fog cools the fruit, allowing them to ripen on the vine longer. Founder Robb Talbott was among the first to recognize the potential of the area for grape growing, helping establish the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA in 1991.

Talbott has taken the lead in implementing sustainable practices to protect the land. Some of those practices include:

  • Solar panels help Talbott Vineyards winery generate 70% of its own power.
  • Reusing 100% process water to irrigate the vineyards, resulting in an industry-leading, water-use-to-wine-produced ratio of 2:1
  • Sleepy Hollow Vineyard uses microdrip irrigation, which delivers a precise amount of water to each plant’s root zone and saves water.

Chardonnay plantings at Sleepy Hollow Vineyards


Talbott is committed to advancing social equity through sustainable initiatives. Some of those initiatives include:

  • Talbott Vineyards winemaker Kamee Knutson is a former president of California Women for Agriculture, an all-volunteer agricultural organization that advocates for agriculture in the state. The organization helps inform the community that California is a huge supplier of food, wine and textiles to the world. CWA also provides scholarships that give back to the California youth and provides major support to FFA and 4H programs.


Talbott is a steward in implementing sustainable practices to help continue to grow economic feasibility. Some of those practices include:

  • Courtside Cellars, which is part of Talbott’s winery operations, recycles production by-product materials to the best extent possible.
  • Gallo was recognized as the first winery in the U.S. to receive the International Standards Organization’s ISO 14001 certification in 2007, which was created to help companies reduce their impact on the environment. Courtside Cellars, which is part of Talbott’s winery operations, has been ISO 14001 (International Standards Organization) certified since 2022.

“When the vineyards give you so much, the right thing to do is give back.”

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