Talbot Vineyards Sleepy Hollow Terroir


Vines at Sleepy Hollow grow in cool conditions with moderate temperatures due to their proximity to the Pacific Ocean and east-northeast exposure. Cooling fog and frequent ocean breezes flowing through the Santa Lucia Highlands temper warm sunshine, preventing the grapes from ripening too quickly. These idyllic elements combine to give Sleepy Hollow one of the longest growing seasons in California, and allow each grape to develop the concentrated flavors that are a signature of Talbott Vineyards wines.

Sleepy Hollow Vineyard


Sleepy Hollow West, South and North are composed of gravelly loam soil, with a high proportion of sand to granite and low water content. Vines forced to penetrate deeply for water access absorb minerals from the soil, resulting in resilient grapevines with relatively low yields of grapes that, in turn, produce rich and complex flavors.


Sleepy Hollow Terroir


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